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  • Hydroponics 101Growing hydroponically takes the right equipment and more importantly the right information, we have both.
  • Organics 101Learn all there is to know about growing the way Mother Nature intended. We have the answers and solutions.
  • Nutrients 101Keeping it simple when it comes to nutrients. We have the schedules you need and more.
  • Lighting 101All of your lighting options are explained and questions answered. Learn about lighting rules, seasons and more.
  • Wheatgrass 101Wheatgrass is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to get healthy. Find all your wheatgrass answers here.
  • Online ShoppingWe have what you are looking for! You can order online and pick it up in the store.

About Palm Coast Hydroponics

The Palm Coast Hydroponics website is more than an online store, it is an information center. We want to provide our customers a wide variety of information online, not just a price. Perhaps that is why more people are switching to Palm Coast Hydroponics, shouldn't you?

At Palm Coast Hydroponics it is important that our customers and the customers of our competition, that we ALWAYS put your needs ahead of our profits. Unlike many Hydroponics Retail Stores and Online Stores that try to sell you items that make them more money, we sell you what works!

If we know that a $150.00 component will do the same job as a $225.00 component, we will tell you and explain why this is the case. From there on the decision of what product to purchase is yours. We pride ourselves in this and our current customers realize this. Our next step is to get other in the indoor community to see the same thing.

We are a grower owned and operated business with many years of indoor gardening experience. This allows us to better assist you in your growing projects. We have generally experienced the successes and problems when it comes to indoor gardening. By working with use, we can help you the many potential pitfalls that can end up costing you money and lost harvests. Call us today and experience the Palm Coast Hydroponics difference.

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